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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Child Gardening Set

I've talked before about the benefits learned from having your child gardening along with you. A great way to get your little one started is with the Wee Enchanted Garden Kit by the great group at Imaginarium. This is more of a craft kit than an actual gardening set. The kit comes with a set of paints and planter for your child or grandchild. They'll be able to plant and watch the growth of grass and bean seeds. There's also stones, shells, and mini figures included to decorate the planter. You could try other seeds in the kit if you'd like. I included some mint herb along with mine I gave as a gift. That way when it came time to "cut the grass", my niece could eat the clippings if she wanted. Recommended for ages 7+, I believe someone as young as 5 would enjoy this with some adult supervision. Watching seeds you plant and grow is a fascinating process to watch whether you're young or old.


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