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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Flatulence Cure for Your Pet Dog

Spring is officially here and you decided to learn about herb gardening. One of the desirable herbs to learn about is my herb of the week, dill. Dill is an annual which can grow as high as three feet. This herb is known for its assistance in the digestive system. I've known people to take a couple of teaspoons of dill seeds that they have crushed finely, stick them in hot water for 15 minutes or so, and drink the liquid as an aid for digestion. I've never tried it. It sounds like it would be soothing though.

I'm ready to get out into the garden and plant some dill seed. I'll probably plant a row about three feet long. I like to give it away as gifts. Long ago in my quest to learn about herb gardening, I learned that dill seed goes a long way in growing dill herb. I usually have it coming out my ears. That's okay the dog likes it. Actually, I might try that remedy for a smoother digestive system on my dog. If it's a cure for flatulence, he needs it! You never know what you'll learn about herb gardening with Tom Greenthumb


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