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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Chamomile Tea Effects - Herb of the Week

Have you ever wondered how chamomile tea effects the body? Along with a whole host of other herbal tea drinkers, I've used this medicinal herb for its calming effects on the body fairly successfully. Chamomile is an herb originally found in the warmer climates of southern Europe and northern Africa. It has been used for years as a way to reduce muscle spasms in the body, and as an ingredient in perfumes.

A regular routine of drinking this popular herbal tea aids in flushing amino acids from the system. This has an effect of relaxing the muscles and relieving the feelings of stress. Plus it tastes great! The word chamomile, is derived from the Greek word for ground apple. Its aftertaste does remind me of this fruit. We grow a few apples here in Washington state.

Are there any side effects of chamomile tea intake? Some people do have allergic reactions or to this herb. Obviously, before drinking it for prolonged periods you should know if you have an allergy. Allergic reactions to chamomile usually occur in people allergic to different forms of pollen. If you're pregnant, you should also be cautious about adding anything with possible medicinal effects to your body.

I've personally used chamomile tea to reduce stomach cramps. It's also helped my digestive system. I've learned to enjoy natural form grown in my basic herb garden and tend to avoid dietary supplements

If you've never grown chamomile, you should give this beautiful flower a try. The chamomile flower is a white and yellow gift from mother nature. I've grown it alongside my Echinacea plants for a colorful contrast. The dried flowers of the chamomile plant contain the active ingredients for herbal teas, oils, and perfumes.

Unless you're allergic to this widely used herb, chamomile tea effects your body in a positive way. The relief of stress and muscle cramps from chamomile is a definite benefit. For the gardener, the beauty the chamomile flower provides is an enjoyable addition to your herb garden.


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