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Saturday, March 25, 2006

Whitetail Deer Repellents for the Gardener - Wireless Deer Fence

I recently spoke with my aunt and uncle about their use of whitetail deer repellents and the wireless deer fence in their garden. Deer can be a gardener's worst enemy. These foraging animals can grab a mouth full of your precious plants before you even know what has happened. The whitetail deer is one of the most common species in the United States. This deer became a problem for my relatives. Deer can eat a large amount of food.

My relatives live near a Greenbelt. Their home is situated right behind an area designated for the protection of wild animals and the environment. It really is a beautiful area. The challenge is that in this urban neighborhood the deer are not frightened. They are protected from hunting and quickly become accustomed to people. So if you're like my aunt and uncle, and trying to grow a garden in your backyard, it becomes extremely difficult keeping the deer away from the fruits of your labor. It doesn't take long for deer to cause an extreme amount of damage. In the case my relatives, deer were invading at night. Vegetable plants, herbs and fruits were being eaten to the ground. My aunt and uncle went on the search for whitetail deer repellents.

There were many options available. A natural way of repelling the deer would be growing plants that the deer would not like the taste of. That really wasn't practical. Natural or chemical repellents could also be used. Deer have a keen sense of smell. It's one of the best ways that they protect themselves from danger. Coyotes will prey on deer if they find a weak deer in the herd. Generally deer stay away from coyotes. So, one of the repellents my aunt and uncle considered was called "coyote urine". You spread this deer repellent around were you think the deer are concentrating. Another product to be used in combination with this product is called liquid guard. It keeps the coyote urine from washing away or drying up in the sun. There are other repellents in this category ranging from bags of human hair to lion feces.

They also looked into the option of ultrasound devices. They decided against these as they read the deer quickly learned these products were no threat to them. Another group of products that they passed on created loud noises when the deer would approach. Obviously this was not acceptable in a public neighborhood. My aunt and uncle contemplated building a tall fence to protect their garden. They soon found out though, that a ten foot fence was against the homeowners community guidelines of their neighborhood. My uncle grew up on the farm. He wondered if there were such a product as an electric fence for deer. He came across a product called the "wireless deer fence". It seemed like of all the whitetail deer repellents he looked at, this was the best. By sticking a poll in the ground and putting a few pellets in it to attract deer, the deer gets a harmless shock. My uncle tried the product along with the coyote urine. The combination of these "whitetail deer repellents" has seemed to work for him. I hope that you find a solution to your deer nuisance problems.


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