Tom Greenthumb Gardening

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Gardening and Children - Basic Herb Garden

Gardening is an excellent project for children. Not only do they learn the responsibility of taking care of their own little garden, which means weeding and keeping it watered, but they can have fun doing it.

Herbs are easy plants to grow and they offer both culinary and medicinal uses when harvested. I would suggest a basic herb garden as a way to get them interested in gardening.

Make it the kids' decision when choosing what plants should be grown. Watermelons was always something I tried growing when I was young. With limited success. While it wasn't the easiest plant to grow, it taught me some simple aspects of gardening. Soil condition, climate, sunlight, all played a role in which plants I chose. Basil or oregano could be suggested. Use the leaves later in a homemade spaghetti sauce. Lavender and chamomile would be two more types of herbs that would not only be colorful, but you could show the children how to make homemade tea.

Next time your children claim they are "bored", head down to the nursery and buy some seeds. Plant the seeds in your basic herb garden , and produce something nutritious while you and the children have fun doing it.