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Sunday, April 02, 2006

Building a Deer Fence for the Deer Proof Garden

After recently speaking with my relatives about their use of whitetail deer repellents, I took part in building a deer fence for a friends basic herb garden. He's been having problems the last few years with these animals.

I mentioned to him that coyote urine may be a product he'd like to try. Deer can detect the smell of predator urine which deters them from entering the garden. The challenge is that it can wash off. He thought it would be best building a deer fence to protect his basic herb garden in addition to using the coyote urine.

The wireless deer fence sounded like a good way to deter the deer, but he's industrious and decided he'd try building a fence with posts instead. Bob had access to some 10 foot posts he knew would work well. A hot wire was installed two feet high, and monofilament fishing line spaced in foot increments. It turned out to be an inexpensive way to keep the deer out.

Bob used six posts and installed a small access door to his basic herb garden. The clear fishing line doesn't make the fence an unsightly obstruction. Building a deer fence was relatively easy for my friend. I hope you'll find a resolution to your deer problems too.


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