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Friday, March 24, 2006

Herbal Diet Tea - Growing Your Own Herbs

I was reading an interesting article on the fact or fiction of herbal diet tea. It got me thinking. I know that many people take herbal supplements in the United States and probably throughout the world. I for one am a strong believer in eating natural or organic herbs. Different types of herbs can have a various array of influences on a person's body chemistry. Herbs can affect how you sleep (how do you feel after drinking a home brewed cup of chamomile herbal tea or fresh mint herbal tea), your digestive system, interact with your immune system (echinacea), change your energy level, and definitely interact with medications you may be taking. Herbal remedies and herbal supplements are not to be taken lightly. I would always advise consulting a professional botanist or your doctor before trying any type of herbal remedy. This is especially true if you have a medical condition.

Components of herbal supplements are concentrated specifically with the benefit of the recipient in mind. Although, as with any man-made products they are synthesized. This is not natural. Tom Greenthumb says, grow your own herbs. Drinking an herbal diet tea probably won't hurt you, but eating natural organically grown herbs will definitely be beneficial to the way your body feels.

I do believe that herbal medicine has its place in your diet. Herbs are a natural and wonderful gift. I will be talking more about herbal tea and other uses of herbs and herbal components in the future. I will even post an herbal remedy or two.

So, I encourage you to explore and gather as much information about herbal diet tea, herbal supplements, and herbal remedies as you can. Knowledge is power. The Chinese have been using herbs for years, and they are experts when it comes to herbal medicine.